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Retro Decorative Hooks

Retro Decorative Hooks

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Looking for a way to add a little personality to your home? Look no further than our Retro Decorative Hooks! These hooks are the perfect way to add a touch of personality to any room. Plus, they can withstand up to 500g of weight, so they're perfect for hanging clothes, towels, caps, or other small objects. So why wait? Add a touch of personality to your home with our Retro Decorative Hooks! 



  • They're self-adhesive, so they're easy to install and can stick to any smooth surface, such as wood, plastic, or glass. They're also seamless, so they won't leave any residue behind when you take them down. 

  • Choose from two options - computer disk or tape - to bring back those childhood memories. These hooks are perfect for anyone who wants to bring a retro theme into their home.

  • They're also durable and can bear up to 500g of weight, so you can hang all your favorite items with ease.

Size: 12.8*4.8cm
Material: Metal Silicone

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